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Tears, Togetherness & Triumphant

Often times we hear someone refer to someone else as their bro or sis, and some may wonder if in fact they are related and how. But in today’s time, you hear it more and more with no real meaning behind it. It sounds more like it’s just a phrase or greeting. We have the understanding that you do not have to have blood relation in order to be family.

Family is simply what you make it, brought together by the same interest, school or community. But there are those who use it not just as a phrase but as a true feeling, those who will sacrifice, shed tears, fight for and with one another. Those who are simply there in your time of need. Going as hard for you, as you would for yourself.

Black Lion Society is not just a name or one of Detroit’s hottest rap groups, it’s a brotherhood! Its men who have lost, cried & fought. Who have been together thru, disappointments, death & destruction. Who share in great accomplishments, life and goals all while building together to make themselves a household name.

At no point have they showed defeat with everything that has come their way, they have continued to push thru while keeping each other afloat. Each having their moments of being the anchor to one another in those moments of despair. I myself have witnessed their growth and the bond that they share, and though they are not blood related they are truly family! They have set the foundation to have everything they need to succeed in the music industry, within their unit and as individual men! So I’ll leave you with one question. Are you ready to Party in the Hills with Black Lion Society?


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